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About Us

Watercare Ltd set up as a water treatment company in 1982, providing commercial and domestic water treatment solutions.

As a father and son business, with Peter specialising in the commercial part of the business and Garry specialising in the domestic side, it became necessary to split the companies to better serve our customers. Watercare Ltd. provides industrial water treatment services(www.watercareltd.co.uk), and Watercare Softeners is primarily focused on domestic water treatment (water softeners and drinking water systems).

Over the course of almost 3 decades many softening systems have been introduced to the market place with many products only lasting a short while, whereas the Kinetico brand has become a first class recommendation for home owners. With Kinetico’s R+D always focussing on the future and developing new and improved products, Kinetico looks set to expand its market share over the coming decades.