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Total Water Care

…for you, your home and complete peace of mind!

At Watercare Softeners we like to look at things differently – why just solve one of your water issues when we could offer you a solution for all of them? Although many customers approach us to help them get rid of the dreaded limescale, few are actually aware of the perils that could also lurk in your drinking water. A water softener serves to remove limescale from your whole house but it is only one solution. It doesn’t remove the impurities that could be in your drinking water – pesticides, chlorine, lead, pharmaceuticals – it’s not a nice thought and when you can have a water filter giving you the very best drinking water, why wouldn’t you chose the Total Home Water Care Solution? As a qualified and Authorised Kinetico Dealer, we can recommend a bespoke package to solve all of your water treatment issues so just ask us for more details.


You’ll love your sparkly, shiny, limescale-free taps, no scrubbing necessary!


Don’t waste any more time waiting for the filter jug, enjoy filtered water straight from your tap, 24-7.


Get the Total Home Water Solution and immerse yourself in the very best water for you and your home.

The Total Home Water Solution…


Hopefully you’re convinced about the amazing benefits of having soft water running through your home, now you’ve just got to choose which softener to have installed. All the Kinetico water softeners we offer boast the pioneering non-electric, twin tank technology giving you beautiful soft water 24 hours a day. With soft water running through your system, a limescale-free home could be closer than you think. Spare a thought however for the water that you drink.


The water you put into your body and cook with could harbour impurities you’d rather not think about but we have a solution for that too. Our range of Kinetico water filters take out impurities from the drinking water you receive from your kitchen tap. Think of the money you may be spending on bottled water when you could have your own, plentiful supply of pure, filtered water straight from your kitchen tap. From the premium Reverse Osmosis systems to the standard carbon-filter systems we have a range of water filters to suit your needs and budget. All are compatible to be installed with a water softener and if you choose a premium K5 water filter with a softener, it extends the warranty from 2 years to 10 years.


After we install your water treatment system we promised to be there for the lifetime of your product. A business local to you, we are committed to providing dedicated support to ensure you continually get the very best from your water treatment system. As well as Kinetico products we can also service and repair other brands, give us a call to find out more.

Don’t forget you can order your salt and replacement filter cartridges from us too!