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"Dear Sir,
Just a brief thank you letter for the installation of our new water softener. We are very pleased with the product; the difference is so noticeable and even our little girl’s dry skin condition has cleared up!"
Mr H - Brentford, TW8
"Dear Ms Jones
I was seen by you back end of last year, to see about the eczema I had in the palm of my left hand. It had been troubling me for a number of years to the extent tha skin broke and it would bleed. I was impressed by your thorough examination and you took a sample of skin for culture, which turned out negative. I was advised to use aqueous soap, and double-base cream, which I have been using since and it did get better.
When we were on holiday in Greece this August, I noticed the eczema practically vanished within a few days. I thought it is either attributed to the sun, sea, reduced stress level, or the soft water at the hotel, but somehow I felt sure it was the latter. When we got back I had soft water installed in our house, and this improved the eczema considerably. I now think that if I want to rank the remedial factors, they would be in decreasing order of importance. Soft water, being the absolute and most important;Use of aqueous soap which is very cumbersome to use if hairy! With the help of softwater, I have now gone back to (baby) soap which is fine; Cream, but not Vaseline or the one you prescribed. I tried one Lucas Papaw ointment Australia and it was amazing; and finally…
there is the element of stress also I believe I thought I would write in case this information proves useful for future patients"
Mr K - Surrey, KT16
"Dear Sir,
I would like to say how helpful and efficient the young man who fitted the water softener was. He was very quick and left no mess. I would also like to say how delighted we are with the water softener."
Mrs G - Shepperton, TW17
"Dear Sir,
I would like it to go on record how pleased I am with the Kinetico softener. Your men arrived punctually, they were polite and very professional. It is a joy to see sparkling glassware and sinks!"
Mrs J - London, SW6
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