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Choose from a selection of stylish, three-way taps so you can receive hot & cold water as well as pure, filtered water from one tap. Alternatively, the Kinetico range of single taps allows you to have an additional drinking water tap to the side of your kitchen sink. Both available in a number of different finishes.
Aquarius - Single Lever Tap Primary Image
Aquarius - Single Lever Tap
Sleek design
Aquila 3-Way Tap Primary Image
Aquila 3-Way Tap
Sleek and Contemporary
Capella 2-Way Tap Primary Image
Capella 2-Way Tap
Sleek swan-neck elegance
Carina 3-Way Tap Primary Image
Carina 3-Way Tap
Bold, clean lines and a robust stem.
Gemini 3-Way Tap Primary Image
Gemini 3-Way Tap
Our most versatile tap
Orion 3-Way Tap Primary Image
Orion 3-Way Tap
Functional and compact
Pegasus 4-Way Tap Primary Image
Pegasus 4-Way Tap
Exudes quality
Polaris 1-Way Tap Primary Image
Polaris 1-Way Tap
Compliments any kitchen
Sirius Mini 1-Way Tap Primary Image
Sirius Mini 1-Way Tap
For when space is at a premium
Vega 1-Way Tap Primary Image
Vega 1-Way Tap
Practical and ergonomic